Mouse Control

Numerous property owners realize they have a mouse when they hear pitter patter of tiny, fast feet or find items in their home that have been damaged due to chewing and gnawing of mice. This includes structural damage.  They can be an aggravating nuisance to handle but our pest control specialists provide the latest and most effective solutions for controlling and preventing them in Fishers properties.

Mice Extermination

These warm-blooded animals are typically a problem everywhere, not just here in Fishers, Indiana. Their front teeth are excessively big to accommodate gnawing and their cheek teeth for chewing.

They will nest and begin a household so quickly that you won’t see it coming. If you don’t do something about it immediately you’re going to have a more serious problem to deal with. It can be unsanitary and letting them roam freely is a very bad idea. Regardless of whether you do something on your own or you call on a professional exterminator in Fishers.


Field mice can be a huge problem if you live near heavily wooded areas or dense vegetation.

They can acquire entry into your home by means of any small opening, fracture or hole they discover. They do not require a great deal of area to squeeze either so no matter what size opening you may stumble upon on your home, seal it up.

Managing them in Your Property

They will get into a house or business searching for food and shelter with an adequate supply of water. Your property becomes their perfect environment and they get really comfortable. Getting ready to start breeding and take control of your house; that is how it seems right? You are likely familiar with the sharp teeth mice have and this is how they nibble and chew on your possessions, wires, cable televisions, etc. Nothing is safe; documents, books, cords, and so on. Sadly, they can also carry and transmit diseases, infecting any surface area they touch.

Get Expert Control Today

If you have just seen a single mouse up until now, this could or could not mean that there are more hiding out. As long as you take action once you see a mouse or evidence of mice in your home you’re going to be better off.  Call our mouse control Fishers professionals today at (317) 863-9105 to get more information about our rodent options or arrange an examination and/or service.

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