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Have you noticed a hornet (or several) around your property? Or maybe you’ve spotted a nest that appears to be inhabited by it. Regardless of why you’re looking for insect control in Fishers we’re here and ready to help. We offer professional and safe control and exterminator services for homes throughout Hamilton County, Indiana.

Understanding Hornets in your area

European Hornets

There are only around twenty varieties of genuine types around the world. The one real specie of a genuine one in the States is the European. As its name implies, this is actually an introduced species which arrived at the U.S. from Europe and has now adjusted to many regions of the United States. You may distinguish it by viewing its coloring and size; yellow and brown, 1 1/2 in. long.


European Hornet – Call us for safe control and removal.


An additional common pest which you have most likely observed, the ‘bald-faced’ type, is not really a genuine one. The bald-faced is around an inch in length and is colored white and black. The actions and habits of the European one along with the bald-faced are certainly very similar to yellow jackets, which are really wasps. Size is by far the most effortlessly identified difference given that yellow jackets are smaller compared to hornets.

Bald-faced type make aerial nests, circular in shape, around the dimensions of a football or basketball and in most cases built in trees. If you ever see a nest within an empty tree, within a wall, attic space or around the porch, it is likely a European nest. These specific nests oftentimes mimic ‘paper’ but they are made out of their spit mixed with the wood they accumulated to make the nest. Through the nest-building time of year, it might not be uncommon to see them scraping away a tiny wood layer from a wood fence, an old log or the outside of any unpainted wood building.

Professional Hornet Control Solutions

Even though they are known for their potential to inflict an aching sting, they happen to be very helpful predators which help to handle various insects that might otherwise turn into unwanted pests. Nonetheless, hornets are sociable insects, and therefore they will vigorously guard their nest from intruders. They are usually less aggressive than yellow jackets and they take pride in guarding their own nest and may take considerable measures if required to ward off just about any real danger they might predict.

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It really is better to seek the guidance from your pest control professional when attempting any sort of DIY attempts for hornet management. Give ours a call at (317) 863-9105 today and start getting relief from these harmful pests.

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