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Learning you have fleas in your home can be a bit devastating. We advise immediate control of the circumstance before it worsens, making it harder to remove them. Give us a call at (317) 863-9105 today and our pest control specialists will gladly help you! Our team has the experience and knowledge needed to help residents get relief from unwanted bugs.

Fleas extermination

They are very small and while they do not have wings, they can quickly jump from host to host. They are generally up to 2 and a half millimeters long. Their coloring is generally a shiny reddish brown. They have small spines covering their bodies and piercing mouth-parts which are utilized to draw blood. The adult parasites will certainly draw blood from their host (a human or animal) while the larvae feed upon natural debris such as adult ones feces as it includes blood that hasn’t been digested.

Thankfully, they won’t attach their eggs to a host, however they will certainly attach their eggs to ground coverings and areas; your carpet, rugs, furnishings upholstery, etc. Their eggs normally hatch out fast; as quickly as two days.

Pets and Fleas in Hamilton County

You don’t have to have pets in your home to acquire a flea problem. While they might feast on humans for a short time, its not their preferred option for a host. Pets and other animals are often primary hosts of it and the cause for your problem. Don’t have pets but found them in your home? They’re likely from your yard where a wild critter passing through was carrying them and some jumped off or eggs fell in the yard. Maybe you recently visited a property that had them and you weren’t aware, but some of them came home with you. In a short time, you are now facing your own infestation. Regardless of where they came from, our exterminators can help you get rid of them.


It’s easy to detect fleas if you’re looking in the right places. Call (317) 863-9105 to see how we can help.

How Infestations Start

The female ones don’t connect their eggs to a host, however it doesn’t mean they will not lay their eggs on a host. When this takes place, the eggs will eventually fall from the host and onto whatever surface is below. The eggs begin hatching within 12 days. The larvae will certainly eat organic matter that they discover in nearby gaps and cracks, staying clear of light at all costs. The pupal phase arrives within eighteen days and is when they seem cocooned. Those with pets or livestock are at greater danger for an infestation at some point in time. Depending on the intensity of an invasion it can take multiple treatments to fully remove each one of them and your animals need to be treated at the same time your home is treated, if not before.

Discover them on Your Property

It’s not too complicated to recognize a present flea problem on your property. Certain things to watch for that usually show their activity consists of pets who scratch regularly or appear to groom themselves more than normal. Most animal owners discover them on their pets right away and all it takes is a fast, extensive evaluation of your animal’s fur.


You and your pets don’t have to suffer from fleas; call (317) 863-9105 to see how we can help.

In addition, your pets could not be the only ones struggling with the fleas. You may also begin to see small bites that could become inflamed and itchy if the they start feasting on you also. Of course, they aren’t the only pests that can bite and leave red, scratchy spots on people. But if your problem isn’t them we can help you figure out just what insect is the culprit.

Their dirt is also an indicator of its activity. Their dirt is the feces of them but it looks like dirt or even ground pepper. When checking your animals, check their bedding too and any furniture they frequently sit or lay on.

Superior  Control

When your home has this problem, your animals likely have it. Therefore, they need to be treated prior to or at the same time your house is dealt with. While this alone will not eliminate the problem, it will help your pet get some relief from the itching and discomfort triggered by them in their fur. You will likely have to deal with both the inside and outside of the home if they exist. You’ll want to keep an eye on your pet to make sure the medicine (collar, drops, and so on) is working appropriately and in the future examine them frequently to prevent another problem.

Preparing for Flea Solutions

In order for a professional treatment to be reliable there are steps a property owner should take prior to receiving treatment. Vacuum your flooring very thoroughly. Sweep and mop all hard floors prior to the technician’s arrival. Clear your floor and walkways of debris and wash your pet’s bedding regularly, as well as your own.

Phone Us For Effective Flea Treatments

Our primary focus will be to address every area where they are thriving and breeding. We can also provide more information on ways to keep them out once you have remedied the problem. Learn more about our pest control solutions in Fishers and how they work by calling (317) 863-9105 as soon as possible. It’s important that you don’t delay a flea problem; or any pest problem for that matter!

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