Earwig Control

You might not be sure of what an earwig is and you’re not alone. They could very easily invade houses but whenever they infest your house you may need specialized treatments to get rid of them. If you have spotted them within your home give our pest control specialists a call at (317) 863-9105 to learn how our treatment products and solutions work. You’ll discover them in more substantial numbers where people live in close proximity; subdivisions, flats, etc.

Earwigs Appearance

They have pincers which is normally what individuals notice first and tends to make them a tad nervous simply because the pincers deliver a more intimidating look. These pincers are how they guards itself and utilizes them when fighting other species. They’re not there to harm humans and aren’t used without probable cause. Earwigs can vary in size from 5-25 mm in length. They have slender bodies and 2 pairs of wings. Some of their types discharge an odorous fluid as a defense reaction. Immature ones have the exact same look as grownups however with no wings.

The Diet of an Earwig

A lot of are omnivores and consume pests and plants and some of their types are predators. They end up being active during the night time and hide throughout the day in wet, moist locations. When winter season arrives they go underground and arise when spring shows up. While underground the ladies will lay eggs. She safeguards and cares for the eggs till hatching, where she then continues her care and security till they’re old enough to find their own food.


Earwigs don’t have to be a nuisance. Call us for control and protection against future problem.

It’s typical to find them in light traps due to the fact that light attracts them and could be the bothersome parasite flying around the light on your porch in the evening. Come morning, you’ll likely find them underneath cushions on outdoor chairs. If you see them in the house they’re merely searching for food or looking for shelter from a change in the weather condition.

Ways to Tell if You Have an Earwig Infestation

Undoubtedly, seeing themselves could be an indicator of a prospective problem. When they are found inside your home or property, they will typically be near spaces that have water. Obviously, they might be discovered in other spaces as time goes on since they’re freely moving about your house.

Fishers Earwig Control

To manage this problem it’s vital to get rid of any concealing places in or near your home. If not, any efforts at solving an insect problem will not be as reliable since there will certainly be too many concealing places for them to take advantage of. Fortunately, there are approaches for regulating them in your property.

  • Get rid of any fire wood stacks, logs, wood and other ornamental items that are close to your property’s foundation.
  • Eliminate any mulch, natural product or dead leaves 6 to 12 inches from the foundation.
  • Cut any neighboring bushes and trees that offer a shaded, wet area for them to hide within.
  • Frequently examine your rain gutters and eliminate any debris causing blockage and address any issues causing the water to flow incorrectly.
  • They want to hide in shaded, wet locations like trees and bushes so keep these nicely cut if near the home.
  • If they appear to enjoy your outdoor lights, consider moving them farther from the house, directing in the direction of your house. By doing this there won’t be in your personal space.
  • Another option would be to change your bulbs to yellow if you currently use bright white lights.
  • All outside screens should be damage-free and protected so examine these often.

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