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Cockroaches are a prevalent problem in Fishers, Indiana and numerous other locations through the U.S. and our pest control specialists hold the experience and knowledge essential in helping you obtain a bug-free property now and in the immediate future.

Cockroaches in Fishers, Indiana

When you choose Fishers Bed Bug Treatment Specialists to handle the roaches we’ll first determine the type of them so we’ll be able to kill them efficiently. Often times there are roach species that love getting into residences, more so if it’s inhabited by people. For this very reason roaches are typically viewed as a giant pain (pest). Many of them are disgusting but surprisingly some can actually be helpful due to their role for re-using decayed, organic products.

They transport diseases because they are normally observed scampering across unclean items and carry them, transmitting bacteria and disease to the surfaces in your own space, particularly cooking areas and food storage spaces. As you’re likely aware, dining establishments are at heavy risk for a roach invasion if recurring preventative methods aren’t used.


They can come in several sizes; commonly 2 inches long for native ones  while tropical type species are generally bigger. They have 6 legs, 2 antennae plus certain types have wings however do not be deceived. Their wings do not indicate that they are able to fly.

If you’ve been inside of a home that appeared to be plagued with roaches you probably recognized an agonizing odor. They can also develop sound and will likely be noticed quickly wherever an infestation exists. Keep in mind, the most vocal of them is the Madagascar hissing type.


Cockroaches are a gross pest to deal with. Let us handle them; call (317) 863-9105 today to learn more.

Entry Ways

Many people who end up with them cannot help but question how they got them to begin with. Unfortunately, many people acquire a cockroach problem quite easily. They can enter inside from exterior crevices and cracks, drain pipes, sewer pipes and even vents. Surprisingly, you might even carry them in the house unconsciously; while moving in boxes or other items that include a disguised one or more.

Cockroach Environment

Houses are in fact a perfect spot for roaches to reproduce. This is since they can quickly access the water and food they require, locating a perfect area to produce their nest. With access to everything they need they can quickly remain active all year long.


You are likely aware that roaches have the capability to reproduce really fast. In addition, identifying a single cockroach typically suggests even more are hiding in other places on the premises. On the contrary, there are likely many others hiding behind your walls and other areas throughout the house, staying hidden. In addition, roaches typically scavenge during the night so you are less likely to see them throughout the day. Nevertheless, should you observe one or a number of them throughout the day, it likely suggests overcrowding, aka an infestation exists.

Wellness Risks/Factors

As pointed out before, roaches can transfer disease however they also leave particles behind from their cast-off skin. Their droppings as well as their dead bodies lying around are harmful to be around as well. Individuals with asthma or allergies might observe a spike in their symptoms when roaches exist; especially for youngsters or elders.

Roach DIY Treatment Methods

Numerous residents that call us actually attempted to fight a roach problem by themselves for quite some time prior to calling us. Yes, there are lots of products in the store meant to kill roaches that you can buy, however sometimes they end up being a waste of time and money, offering ineffective results, specifically if you have a rather large cockroach problem.

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