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Bed bugs are an infestation that cannot be left untreated and we’re here to help you make sure that doesn’t happen.  We’re devoted to helping our customers get relief from these bothersome and unwanted insects; although the process can be very difficult and tedious, depending on the severity of the pests.

In order to be a leading pest control provider we must attend the necessary training and events to provide only the latest, most effective solutions for unwanted bug. This is critical, especially when it comes to them because they’ve resisted so many previous forms of effective  solutions. Now it’s hard to eliminate them on your own and without the help of an expert, but we’re here to help.

What Exactly Are Bed Bugs?

They are small, apple-seed size ones that like to feed on your blood at night and hide during the day time. Their flat and oval and while mostly brown in color, if you discover one that just finished feeding it will be elongated in size and more red in color. Because of their delicate size it’s hard to spot them if you’re not aware of where to look. If something is biting you at night it’s likely that they are a potential cause, however fleas and other can also bite. For that reason we suggest, and sometimes require, a bed bug inspection so that you can receive the appropriate treatment for the right ones.

Where Did I Get It?

As with any pest, if you suspect or realize you have them you’re likely trying to figure out where they may have come from. Unfortunately, they’re becoming more common in many places so it’s hard to rule out any destination where people gather and are present often.



Get relief in sleeping by calling our Fishers Bed Bug Treatment Specialists today.

  • Lodges
  • Aircraft
  • Used Furniture & Items
  • Movie Cinemas
  • Fitness Centers
  • Public Transport & Stations
  • Offices
  • Dining Establishments


It can be tricky to establish precisely where they originated from unless you discover them on a particular used piece of furniture you just bought, or came back from traveling in which case it could have been your hotel or the plane. Either way, don’t stress about where they came from and focus on getting rid of them, and right away or they will grow in numbers and be more expensive to treat. If you’ve already discovered them in your home or property, call (317) 863-9105 right away to see how we can help.

Inspections – Are They Required?

Most of the time, yes. Mostly if you have not actually found or seen it, but suspect you have them because you’re getting bit by something at night. That is typically the first sign of a bed bug issue, unless you regularly inspect your home or property for signs of them.


An inspection helps us determine the right course of action and the level of severity in your particular case. If you do something about it quickly when you suspect the pests, it will be less stressful to eliminate them. It is not a cheap to treat for so it’s always best to avoid and prevent them as best as you can.


Phone your first Appointment!

We specialize in bed bugs so we have the skill and experience to properly inspect, advise and treat the issue correctly. Our treatment control technicians know where to look for these pesky little ones and signs to look for that indicate active ones.


Such signs include discovering actual bed bugs, their feces or blood spots:


  • On your mattress (in the seams particularly).
  • On the bed frame or behind headboards
  • On the nightstand by your bed.
  • On picture frames, light fixtures or other wall decor near your bed.
  • Behind the electrical outlets near your bed.


If our bed bug control technician comes across any of these signs we will create a treatment plan with a cost estimate as well as discuss everything involved prior to applying the first treatment.

Why Do They Cost So Much to Treat?

If you have ever called around to get information regarding bed bug control services, you’ve likely noticed that it isn’t exactly cheap. Be assured that Fishers Bed Bug Treatment Specialists offers competitive pricing and rates for every service offered, including bed bugs.


The main reason that it costs more to treat bed bugs than most other pests is because it requires more than a single application to effectively treat them. They are also resistant to a lot of previous, effective, pest control solutions and professionals are needed simply because we have the powerful solutions to effectively treat them. We’ll gladly discuss this more in detail with you when you call us at (317) 863-9105 today.

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